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    Do Story

    Do Story
    Do Story Bobette Buster
    Storytelling The Do Book Co
    2018 136

    How to Tell Your Story so the World Listens

    Do Story gives you the tools to share your story with the world. In eleven compelling chapters, Bobette Buster shares a variety of storytelling styles and subjects; taken together they demonstrate a range of effective narrative techniques. With profiles of ground-breaking luminaries like tech visionary Steve Jobs, chef Alice Waters, and Patagonia founder, Yvon Chouinard, explorations of famous speeches, and examinations of the tools used by beloved storytellers and filmmakers, this book is an engaging and definitive resource for anyone who wants to craft a perfect story. The book covers: The 10 key principles of storytelling How to choose the right form and structure for your story Establishing an emotional connection with an audience Building an Aha! moment into your narrative. Vivid, enlightening, and brimming with practical tips and helpful exercises, Do Story unlocks the secrets to becoming a captivating storyteller. So, what s your story?


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