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The Conversation Company

Een positieve of negatieve ervaring: ze wakkeren de mond-tot-mond reclame aan. Hoe zit het met jouw conversatiepotentieel? Steven van Belleghem biedt je een handleiding naar ‘The Conversation Company’.

De wereld is veranderd. Je consument is veranderd. Ben jij mee veranderd? Social media, een goede bedrijfscultuur en je klanten kunnen het verschil gaan maken! Ben open. Ben authentiek. Ben positief. Ben Betrokken. Het is dé manier om je merk menselijk te maken.

Customer Experience. Conversatie. Content. Collaboratie.
Slechts vier C’s optimaliseren je service level. Ga de conversatie aan! Gebruik de feedback van je klanten en laat vervolgens medewerkers en klanten voor je spreken!

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Research shows that consumer conversations, client happiness and empowered employees are the pillars of growth in a successful company. However, many organizations make decisions that contradict these findings and hamper their prospects of expansion. The Conversation Company will help your organization become a business in which people are the key driver of growth, sharing engaging content and building the company’s culture and business objectives. People now expect any brand to have a human ‘face’ and you need to define a clear set of values for both employees and customers, incorporating them in your marketing so that all company communication reflects the DNA of your organization. Based on solid research and including interviews and case studies of companies such as Zappos, Kodak, Nokia and Microsoft, The Conversation Company is the key to sustainable success.